I want to manage/see the domain names I registered prior to December 2011 in the new client portal.


OLD Everplanet Domain Registration Area


Domain names registered with Everplanet prior to December 2011 on the old domain registration is not compatible with our current system and you will not see them in your current Domains area.

If you want to see the domain names you previously registered, it is a matter of "transferring" the domain name.  Silly? Yes, as you may say,"I am transferring from Everplanet to Everplanet?"  It is silly but  the old registar is just that, the old registrar.  You will be transferring from the old registrar (i.e.  OLD Everplanet Registrar) to our current resistrar (i.e. NEW Everplanet Registrar).


WE SUGGEST TO DO THE FOLLOWING WHEN YOUR DOMAIN NAME COMES UP FOR RENEWAL or you can do a transfer now for $10.00 and add another year to your current registration period.


To transfer from the old registrar to the NEW Everplanet Domain registration, follow the steps below.

First you need to log into the old registrar at:  OLD Everplanet Domain Registration
You will need your login or customer# and password. If you already know your username/customer# and password, skip to Part B.


If you do not know your LOGIN/CUSTOMER #

Move your mouse to the password field and it should have a drop down value of "Forgot your password"



The following options are displayed under "Your Options".  Click "Retrieve Customer Number"

In the Retrieve Customer Number section,
1. Type in the domain name you have registered with the OLD system.
2. Type in the email address that was used to register the domain name.  If you don't know it please do a WHOIS lookup  to see email address if the domain was not registered privately.
Note:  If the email address on file is not valid or if the domain is registered privately, you will need to open a support ticket with us so we try to research for you on obtaining your customer number.
3. Fill in the security code
4. Click Continue

The system will email you your customer#.


If you do not know your PASSWORD,


Click "Reset Password"




1. Type in your customer number. (Which can be obtain by the previous steps)
2.  Type in the email address on file.
(If you do not have it or don't know it you can call 480-624-2500 and try to have it done manually with a customer service representative with the OLD Everplanet registrar.)
3. Fill in the security code
4. Click Continue

The system will send you a password reset link.





If you have your username/customer #, please log into the OLD Everplanet Domain Registration system.


Once you are logged in, you will see your domain name.  Click on it under  "My Domains"




In the Domain Information, you will need to make sure the "Locked" status is "Unlocked" If the status is Locked, use the Manage button on the right to change the status to Unlocked.

Once unlocked, click the Send by Email to have the OLD system send the Authorization Code to be used later to transfer the domain name to the NEW Everplanet Domain Registration below.





Go to www.everplanet.com and type in your domain name that you want transferred (either from the OLD Everplanet Domain Registration or another registrar)

Click on Transfer



Click "Check Availability".  If the domain can be transferred, you will see the congratulation message.  Click Continue to the next screen.



For the Hosting, you do not need to add a hosting if the domain name already has a hosting account with us.
In the domainname.com section for the EEP Code field, type in the code that was sent to your email from the previous steps.

Fill out all the other necessary information and  check out to complete the Transfer process.

If you have difficulties or questions, please open a suport ticket for assistance.





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