How to change your email password.

You can change your password for your email account by logging into your webmail account.
Log into the webmail at (Example: If your domain name is, then you will put in your browser


After logging in, go to "Settings"- > "My Settings"

In the Mailbox tab, you will see 3 fields for:
Current Password:  (type in your current password)
New Password:       (type in your new password)*
Confirm Password:  (type in your new password again)*


Your password must have at least 8 characters containing a lowercase letter, upper case letter and a number and a special character like !@#$%.  Your password can contain special characters as well but is not required.


Click Save above the Mailbox tab.


You will need to update your email software or smartphone with the new password in order to download and send email.


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